Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Main gaya tha us gali main by Amjad Islam Amjad

Amjad Islam Amjad

Main gaya tha us gali mein kai khuwahishen pehan kr
woh jo then bahaot shanasa
Unhi khirkiyon se ab ke
Kisi rukh ki roshni se nah chiraag koi larza
Nah koi sitara chamka nah hi phool koi aya
Dil-e-muntazir ki janib
Nah uthai koi chilman kisi dast-e-pur hina ne
Nah saba ki dastakon se koi parda sarsaraya
Kisi khawab se ulajh kar nah to choriyan hi chanki
Kisi aankh mein simat kar nah hi chand muskuraya

Main gaya tha us gali mein kai khuwahishen pehan kar

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